Monday, 25 February 2013

These are few pictures from the outstanding photoshoot i had  with Hans Photographer!
Its my second time shooting with him, and he has always proved himself a great photographer!
I want to use this medium to thank my sweet heart  Aart for bringing me to my photosession!
I love you baby!!!!!!


Wednesday, 20 February 2013



Below is Questions and answer with the editor!

Made in Nigeria, Delta state to be precise.  My Name is  Ekene Patience ,International business and management students, 3rd Runner up Miss Beautiful Africa Day 2013 organized by African television, and  Winner Miss Nnamdi Azikiwe University Pre-Science Awka Nigeria . I have a degree in Biochemistry from Anambra state University Uli, Nigeria, A professional secretary from Penn foster (online) In U.S.A . I am also a beauty consultant and a model! I have always described myself with five  words, Hardworking, Ambitious, creative , socializer and full of life!
I am a freelance model, a student, and work part time in a beauty shop in Rotterdam  as a beauty consultant! I have a diploma in Perfume, cosmetics, Skin care and Make up from Imko Opleiding Netherlands.
3. My take on modeling as a profession?
Modeling is a business and requires dedication and hard work, and as a model, you are your own business! Like any business, it takes time, effort, commitment, and patience to become a successful model. Remember that success does not happen overnight. When attending a casting call, Present yourself as the perfect candidate: show confidence, have a good attitude and a friendly personality. Show your personal style, but keep it clean and simple and always make a good first impression
4. How long can you be a model realizing that women grow fast and change too?
Anyone can become a model! There are different kind of models, editorial, runways, sports, commercial, photo models and so on !
Age does not count! As long as you have a talent, good motivation and passion for modeling
5. In recent times, you have participated in beauty pageants! Why do you participate in those competitions?
I participated in these competitions because I want to improve my confidence level, public speaking skills, meet new people and promote the enormous beauty of Africa! I want to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to Tbl model management for the awesome training and AFTV (African television for the great show! And all  the models my friends and family for their love, friendship and support!
6. Do you serious think as a black woman you will be accepted in Dutch model society or there is a need for Africans to create their model agencies?
Yes , I think as a black woman , you can be accepted in the Dutch modeling society!
Within two and half years in the Netherlands, I have done photo-shoots with more than two hundred photographers in The Netherlands, Germany, Paris and Belgium! It is very possible!
7.What are your plans?
My plans includes Promoting the beauty of Africa , and to start an organization to help educate young African women on how to avoid early pregnancy.  I also enjoy raising funds for less priviledged children in orphanage homes!
In the future If I have the  resources, My major reforms will be to increase access to education, health, transport. With this three in place, the people will be able to put every other thing in place. Free education will be of paramount importance for all public schools. Simply because there are children out there who cannot attain basic education because they can’t afford their fees. If the education is free we would also have more future educated mothers that will bring up a new generation of children, because children are the futures of tomorrow
8. What does your family say about you being a model? Do they support you?
Yes, My family supports my Modeling career! I have been modeling since I was in Nigeria. I continued modeling when I came to The Netherlands
I have modeled for ten years now. My parents, my siblings  and friends  has always been there for me , especially my Mother  who believes  in me  and in my potentials I am very thankful and I love you all.
10. I see you are very proud of being a Nigeria; does that work in any negatively against you when you meet people?
No , It does not affect me at all Being a proud Nigerian! I love My country and  I am proud of being an African! I Africa is blessed with culture, a great place for tourism and very welcoming! Nigeria, has a wide variety of culture, friendly  people,  music,  the surroundings that reminds you of the past but pushing us forward! Nigeria has a potential of being a very powerful nation! These are the reasons why I am proud of my country !
11. If other young ladies want to be a model, what will be your advice to them?
My advice to all the young ladies out there who wants to become a model is , Keep a healthy lifestyle: drink a lot of water, hold on to a healthy diet, work-out regularly, get sufficient sleep and avoid cigarettes and alcohol. Look after your skin and your hair: use skin & hair care products, keep make-up at a minimum, take off your make-up every night and go for a regular trim and apply to casting calls!
12. Lastly when you stop your modeling carrier, what do you intend to do like marriage, children, another career?
My plans includes finishing up my studies of B.Sc. International Business and Management studies and starting up my own business  as a coach/consultant for aspiring models and as a public speaking coach. I will love to be married in the near future as well and start up a family life. I will always do shoots for the fun though…Making new pictures is like my form of art and expression. I will always do it! I love modeling!
13. Thank you for talking to The Voice magazine
Thank you very much! I am very  pleased . Thank you Voice magazine!
Ekene Patience 0657088182


Sunday, 17 February 2013

I had a great shoot in Zealand Netherlands by Aarts photographer! It was a great envrironment, very 
inspiring, it's an environment where you live and you might get inspired to start writing a book or make  a beautiful painting.

Today the 17th of February, I had a shoot with ken photography in Castricum Netherlands.This is my third time of having a shoot with him, a hair stylist and make up artist were present to make up all the model.The Valentines party organised yesterday by Miss Naija Netherlands was great! I had fun!


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

                                        TBL MODEL MANAGEMENT!!!!!!

TBL modelling agency is one of the best upcoming modelling agency in The Netherlands.
I regard my self very priviledged to be registered with TBL modelmanagement.
Edwina is the brilliant catwalk coach! I have learnt alot from her, she taught me and the other beautiful models how to walk the runways like top models!

Please find a brief description of the agency below based in Den Haag  The Netherlands.

TBL Model Management is all about helping aspiring young and up coming models, designers, make-up artists, photographers, singers and actors break into the world of fashion and entertainment. We are an exclusive management agency. In other words, we toil to help aspiring talent find all of the things they need to succeed in the industry.

TBL Model Management props up models and entertainers and helps them acquire excellence and quality by giving them a wide variety of opportunities in the local and international modeling world and by preparing them for the exciting challenges of a professional career.

What’s more, TBL Model Management will work with the model or entertainer to boost their skills and organize their portfolios for absolute success, as long as they display drive and motivation to excel.

Miss Edwina , TBL modelmanagement catwalk coach

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Diverse photoseries from my shoot in THE NETHERLANDS!!!

9 Years ago, I was crowned the MISS MBK (PRESCIENCE) in Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka Nigeria, then i was doing my prescience for Medicine!I really had great fun.
After wards, I did 2 beauty pageants, Miss Niger Delda and Miss BEAUTIFUL AFRICA DAY!!!!!!!!!!

My fourth beauty pageant is going to take place in August 2013 !!!!!\

I am very excited about it!!!

These Pictures was taken at my home in The Netherlands.
I really enjoy summer period, then am able to take pictures in my nice dresses!
Thanks to Ron Photography for the lovely pictures!!!!!!!!

Monday, 11 February 2013

You've Touched My Heart
You've given me a reason
For smiling once again,
You've filled my life with peaceful dreams
and you've become my closest friends.

You've shared your heartfelt secrets
And your trust you've given me,
You showed me how to feel again
To laugh, and love, and see.

If life should end tomorrow
And from this world I should part,
I shall be forever young
For you have touched my heart!

My awesome Photoshoot with Aarts photography in The Netherlands.

On the 9th of february was a very exciting day for me and all the beautiful contestants of   Miss Naija Netherlands . There were ten contestants for the shoot.
The make up artist hair stylist  and jewelries designers were great
We had the shoot with Tim shippers .
All the models were very beautiful and friendly. we had the photoshoot in Apollo hotels in Almere, The Netherlands.
The shoot was amazing.
The concept of the shoot was from Audrey Hepburn, breakfast with tiffinay's, the models had to wear two different outfits, black and white dresses with lovely jewelries!

On the 16th Of Febuary, there will be a show organised by Miss Naija Netherlands, and all the beautiful conestants will be present too!
I had a great time!!!!!!!!!

Keep up the Great work

Thursday, 7 February 2013

These lovely pictures were taken by fotogerico in The Netherlands
He is a very talented and professional photographer!
Thank you Very much for the amazing shoot!!!!!