Name: Ekene Patience
Telephone: +31617339446
E-mail: ekenepatience@yahoo.com

My name is Ekene Patience ,I am a Nigerian living in The Netherlands.
I am the co-founder of FabulousBeauties and Watch Star.I have a Bsc. in Biochemistry and a Diploma in Professional Secretary (Online study) from Penn foster career school in Scranton Pennsylvania U. S. A I am currently in a University in the Netherlands studying Int. Bus. and Management studies. My working experience in Netherland make me part of who I am today. I have working experience in De-tuinen, Kruidvat, Mooi Perfumery, Parfum star and work placement with Candelabra b.v in The Netherland.
People describe me as a motivated, representative and energetic person. I am a good team player and task oriented. I have a good command of English Language, typing skills, and am well organized.
My core competencies
• Creative
• Experience with International team
• Eye for details
• Good command of English language and Dutch
• Initiative
• Punctual
• Perseverance
• Representative
• Self Disciplined
• Team player
My motto in life is to never do to others DELIBERATELY what I wouldn’t like them to do to me
Email address — ekenepatience@yahoo.com
P.S I am also a certified beauty consultant with diplomas in Skin care, Make-up, Parfum and Cosmetica. I earned my diplomas from a prestigious beauty school in Rotterdam,The Netherlands
Stay fabulous
Ekene Patience

Postbus 70, 4430 AB 's-Gravenpolder

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