I love love love pretty manicure! I am so thrilled I have a salon whereby I do manicure for my self and also for others. I actually do Manicure and Pedicure.
So today I decided to give myself a threat. I love this manicure with pink tips!

My husband actually told me that his two favourite colours for manicure is Red and Pink. I got the manicure items i used from

 My accesories is from Michael Kors. find more beautiful,elegant watches on

 I hope this pretty manicure inspires you and if you need someone to make your nails or pedicure, please contact me!
I love you
Ekene Patience

I love doing Manicure and Pedicure for myself and others too. Today I did a lovely manicure , I used OPI red polish I bought from Sephora in Paris when I went on holidays few months ago.
You don't need professional tools to get a good manicure, and it doesn't take more than half an hour once you get the hang of it. Stick with it, take your time, and turn on some good music or television while you work. (If Spotifyis available in your country, you need it.) You'll often find me drinking a tasty beer while I'm painting my nails, and there's no rule that each step needs to be done immediately after the preceding step (except for washing your hands after using nail polish remover).

Don't think of it as a chore and enjoy!
I love you!
Ekene Patience

Manicure By Ekene Patience
My customer was very pleased with her manicure! She had her nails done at before leaving for her trip to Portugal! Please contact me if you need to make your nails look more fabulous! xoxo Ekene Patience

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