Wednesday, 28 August 2013



                                                              Alicia keys


                                                                Halle Berry

Kate Hudson

Kim Kardashian

Kate middleton

Heidi Klum

Doutz kroes

Monday, 26 August 2013


I work in Parfumstar rotterdam The Netherlands as a beauty consultant.
The shop is located in the shopping centre of the beautifu city of rotterdam. there is constant sales upto 70 percent discount on parfums, make up , cosmetics and skin care products.
We sell various luxe cosmetics such as Channel, hugoboss, lacoste,bvlgari, prada and so on.

I am a certified beauty consultant I  do manicure, pedicure and makeup as well.

Come visit us today in Hogestraat 165 Rotterdam, The Netherlands

for more enquiries call 0657088182

See you soon


Saturday, 24 August 2013

How to develop self confidence

It is very essential for every individual to have poise, charisma and self confidence to be successful in life, in other to develop self confidence, look for a model, some one who inspires you, e.g Obama, Oprah , steve jobs and so on and learn to feel more self assured.

Focus on your positive energy, your achievements and your strong points. Work on your weak points .
Try to be realistic and set achievable goals, always empower your self with positive attitude and surround yourself with people that can bring the best in you.

Last but not the least, every individual is unique and can not be comparable with another, be your true self !!!!

Lots of love