Saturday, 10 August 2013


My working experience in Grand cafe cheerz middleburg, The Netherlands has enabled me to learn and know how to work very well in a restaurant and cafe !Grand cafe recieves more than  two thousand customers in a day, all the workers are always busy making sure all the customers are well served with perfect drinks and meal.The following tips below will give you an insite how to be a terrific worker in a restaurant!!
Know your menu, know your menu, know your menu. When you interview, be proactive and ask for a menu to take with you. Chain restaurants have great training programs that guide you through the menu and kitchen; bars and smaller places expect you to learn on your own. You will save yourself much time by knowing everything!dress tidy, and always wear a smile. maintain a positive atttide no matter how stressful the day is.
Your regulars will save you on slow nights. Always maintain a friendly attitutde with customers , like the old saying, customers are always right Be friendly to people you would not normally talk to. When someone sits in your section more than once, take the time to get to know them. Remember their names and favorite drinks, where they work etc. Make them feel like they are going to a restaurant to visit a friend: you!
dress neatly , make sure  your hair, cloths and nails is kept tidy.Good luck!!!

by Ekene

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