Saturday, 2 March 2013


Zeeland is a very beautiful place to be! I really had a great time driving around this city and making lovely picture ! It has breathtaking views and serene!
Thanks you very much Aarts photography for these great experience and lovely photosession!
Please find below a short description of Zeeland and the beautiful photosession!

Zeeland (zee means sea in Dutch) is one of the 12 provinces in The Netherlands. It makes up the southwest of the Netherlands and is bordered by the provinces of South Holland to the north and North Brabant to the east. The southern border is shared with Belgium.
It is one of the smallest provinces and has less than 400,000 people, with Terneuzen being the largest city. Other major cities are Goes, the seaport of Vlissingen (Flushing) and the capital Middelburg.
Despite its size, Zeeland is one of the Netherland's favourite tourist areas, especially in summer when thousands of people, mainly from neighbouring countries like Belgium and Germany, come visiting the beaches.
But there is more to Zeeland than beaches. There are some beautiful old towns like Sluis and Hulst in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, which makes up the southern part of the province. Both towns are close to the Belgian border and are especially lively on Sundays when all shops are open, every single Sunday. Hulst has a defensive wall which is almost completely intact.
One of the most striking things in the history of Zeeland occurred in early February 1953, when, after severe northwestern storms, coastal areas were flooded and around 1800 people got killed. Nowadays, the huge Deltaworks, which prevents the sea from rising too much when storms occur, is the most important tourist attraction in Zeeland. The Neeltje Jans Expo displays history of the flooding and explains how the Deltaworks work.

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  1. Thanks EK for the very impressive & beautiful piece on zeeland. its very educating & informative.i think zeelans is worth visiting with its tourist appeal & rich history behind it, yet relatively unknown.
    Thanks again for the brief exposition.
    we look forwrd to more of these.....jude