Wednesday, 24 April 2013

 Relax instead of stressing

It is very important to engage in a healthy lifestyle. What we eat affects our health.
Stress has a very negative influence in our body, too much stress can lead to eczema and allergic reactions on the skin,
The body becomes unbalance and looks unhealthy due to constant stress.
There are various products that can help you have a healthy skin, face mask, revitalising body products and visiting a beauty specialist is a good tip.
Sun light has a positive and negative influence on the body; Too much sunlight can result to skin cancer due to the dangerous ultra violet ray from the sun. There are three types of UV, A, B, and C.
The u.v B causes the skin to burn, 
Positive effect of the sun includes
Increase in prevention against infection
Increase in production of vitamin D which is very essential for the body
It stimulates blood circulation

In order to prevent skin burn, it is advisable to use SUN CARE PRODUCTS, such as LANCASTER SUN CARE and Clinique products.

by Ekene

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