Friday, 13 November 2015

10 Ways to keep kids occupied in restaurant

1.      Always take a pen and paper.  There are lots of games that you can play with just those two things such as hangman, noughts and crosses and squares.
2.      Restaurants are getting much better at supplying kids activities pack.  We recently tried out the new menu at Frankie and Bennys and their kids activity pack kept my boys busy till their food came, plus the pencils were great too.
3.      We also play family guessing games such as eye spy, A-Z (we often do animals or countries), “I’m thinking of” this game involves us guessing what animal the other is thinking off, but we can only ask yes or no questions.
4.      Colouring and activity pages are great for younger children.
5.      I always have dobble in my handbag.  it is our favorite family compact game at the moment.  When the boys were younger they loved dino dice.
6.      For kids that need to use their hands then having a small bag of pipe cleaners or play dough is great.  This allows them to keep those fingers busy.
7.      Origami is great for older kids, you can use some of that paper that you have played games on. Mine love making finger puppets and then they can put on a show.
8.      Now my boys are getting bigger we LOVE mad libs.  We often end up all sitting laughing out loud at the answers!
9.      A small bag of LEGO is a great way of keeping kids occupied and if your child particularly loves LEGO, then put together a portable LEGO travel kit and you could even add patten cards to it.
10.   portable car play kit is a great idea for car mad kids.


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