Saturday, 28 May 2016

My Perfect First Beauty Vlog Ever!

HI MY LOVES! Thank you for stopping by I got inspired by my best friend to start vlogging! So here is my very first vlog. I am very excited about it. I hope you enjoy it

First off, I always take my bath two times a day in order to keep me clean the whole day. I advice you to always use Bath Oil from Nivea or other brands. I also love using Vaseline because It is an awesome product for persons with dry skin.

So few days ago, I got some awesome present from my previous boss and friend where I used to work in Rotterdam, the shop is called Parfum Star. Th first item is Givenchy face tonic. I love how it smells and how my face feels so calm after applying it.

Secondly I also got Gucci Rush and Dolce and Gabana perfume! I love perfums because it soooo refreshing! I also use Braun product I got from Fonq webshop in The Netherlands. It has helped me to clear my intence Acne. After cleaning my face with the Braun product, I apply day or night cream. I am loving Mary Kay day and night creams.

My current favourite perfums are Guerlin and Gucci rush. My out of the day is Levi. I have the Levi jeans for over 1 year, it is very durable perfume. The Levi Jeans and T shirt is from Wehkamp in The Netherlands. Wehkamp sells all kind of fun stuff such as clothing for male, female kids, electronics, home utencils and more. Few momnts later, I went to do some groceries in The Supermarket. My favourite super markets in the Netherlands, are Emte, Albert Heijn, Lido, Aldi. I do like to pick out very healthy items while doing my groceries, for instance I drink half volle milk instead of Volle. I bought some cool items for breakfast, lunch and dimmer. In case you were wondering, my favourite meal is Rice and chicken and my favourite juice is called Cool best.

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