Thursday, 16 January 2014


                               HOW TO GET A BEAUTIFUL GLOWING SKIN

It is essential to maintain a hygenic routine.
 washing your face before going to bed is essential and taking your bath at least twice a day will enable you earn a clear, glowing skin.

Eating healthy and exercise is also very important, clean tower, clean bed and cloths will keep your skin safe from bacteria and infections that could be harmful to the skin.

Use good products for beauty routine such as  mary kay products, mary kay face soap,  facewash, hydrating lotion and so on. Using Day and night cream on your face can you protect your skin and rejuvinate it.

Incase you have pimples on your face, keep your hands off your face, do not try to open it, this might result to acne.

use a good moisturing cream for your whole body, incase you have chronical skin ailment, do not hesistate to contact your doctor or dematologist.

Other beauty tips includes,

 Drink lots of water
 Exercise alot
 Endevour to give yourself a well deserve night rest
 Take vitamins

I hope these tips were helpful!!

Lots of love!!!


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