Monday, 3 November 2014


Rotterdam university
Hello everyone
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I started my final year study at Rotterdam university of applied sciences in The Netherlands. I am studying international business and management studies .

I was at Inholland  University, we were transfered to Rotterdam university in September 2014. My experience with Rotterdam university is very positive and motivating.
I was assigned to a project group whereby I had to work on a project with international student.
A task on how to build a website was done by me . I thought my class mates on how to build a website, which was very inspiring for them.
I also did an assignment on viral marketing for fabulous beauties .

My reflection on the university is that the school created an avenue to work with international students, the teachers are very kind, friendly and hardworking.
I am very pleased to be a student of Rotterdam university, the school is located in the beautiful city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands which is very cool.

There was also A lot of guest lectures who came to give lectures in the university! Companies such as Mobbr, waste to wear, and so on .
I highly recommend this university .
Thanks so much for stopping by !

Ekene Patience 

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