Friday, 19 June 2015


Hello my beautiful friends, today I had an awesome day, I am one of the actresses of a dutch popular show on Nederland 3 TV show called draadstal . It is a satire programme. I got the job from Dynamic casting in The Netherlands. This is my second time am coming on dutch movie, the first time was last year , I had the opportunity to act with a famous dutch actor called Ruben van der Meer. The movie I am acting today is about boat refugees. Last year, my little son was also on a Dutch movie called het geheim van een goede huwelijk , the famous dutch actor Jeroen Van Koningsbrugge was also there . thanks for watching! xoxo 
Ekene Patience

Today the 24th of June 2015,  I am so happy to be on Draadstaal tv programme Nederland 3 , the programme was by 21.15pm, according to  it has more than halp a million views each week! Awesome programme. It is called Draadstal!  I am so happy to be on the T.V Programme!

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