Friday, 4 July 2014



We  had a fantastic holidays in Nigeria

We stayed in an hotel in Lagos on saturday   And went to visit my good friend Rita, her husband , beautiful kids and her sister Udo.  Rita’s children are so sweet and well groomed!

We flew to Asaba the following week .

We went swimming in Grand hotel Asaba and made lots of beautiful pictures

The weather was very nice, it was rainy for some days too.


Asaba  has a very nice airport, it made our journey to be more peaceful and less stressful

My son Timo and my husband Aart met Grandma and mother in law for the first time.

Although my mummy was in the hospital the whole time because she has complicated arthritis


Timo became very sick on Friday 24 th June his temperature was 39 degrees we took him to  hospital in Asaba where he was given some medicines and injections recommended by doctor Uzo.

My advice to everyone planning to travel to Nigeria for holidays or other African countries is to endeavor to take some malaria medicine

lariam,  malaria medicine do have some side effects.

lanart is a good malaria medicine you can acquire in Nigeria .


I am so happy to have met my family afte, one and half year ago I could not visit Nigeria  because I was pregnant for Timo.
I , kenny, Timo and hubby made a lot of pictures , ate African food and had loads of fun.

 We experienced some difficulties in accessing Internet.

Nigeria is facing some challenges in Internet connectivity and doing business in the digital age is still at its infancy in Nigeria.

In The Netherlands, there is more advancement.


I am looking forward to some growth and development in technology at my next visit!!!


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