Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Beauty shoot in The Train

Hello lovelies, Hope you all are having a beautiful Wednesday. These are some few pictures I took in the popular dutch train called NS train. Holland has a great transport system. The dutchies like to ride Bicycle. I recently got my self a new bicycle too which I like very much! Biking helps you to stay in shape.

I have been living in the Netherlands for more than 5 years, I  never felt the pressure of not owning a car, I have always traveled with train to School and work. Recently am working in Zeeland In the Netherlands, I always travel with Buurt Bus of connexxion, It is very tidy bus, and kind drivers.

Any way, If you have not visited Holland, cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Zeeland, it is a must see! Its a very beautiful and glamorous country, just like me lol.
I am wearing a long White skirt and a black crop top from Nelly. My necklace is from Swarovki, wearing a black smokey eyes and red lipstick from Mac and Rituals!

I hope this little holiday guide, trip advice , beauty and styling tips were  helpful!

I love you!

Ekene Patience

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