Monday, 28 September 2015

Lingerie Love!

For the past few months I’ve been yearning and searching to rediscover my love of lingerie. I have been wearing lots of fabulous lingeries these days.  I usually purchase my Lingerie from webshops such as Babes and Bitches in The Netherlands, Marlies Dekkers, H&M,;M, Hunke Moller and other random shops in the Netherlands. Last week, I went with a photographer few blocks away from my home in Zeeland to make some lovely lingerie shoots! You guys love it. I got a lot of likes and positive comments on Facebook and Instagram.I believe everyone wears lingerie, no matter your size, ethnicity of religion.
I am very happy that am still able to wear lingerie after having two kids, the secret is I eat very little quantity of Sugar, no too much carbohydrates such as Bread, Potato and so on, A little quantity is ok. I use honey in my thee instead of sugar.
If you are a photographer and reading this blog, Please do contact me if you do like to shoot. I would love to make some more sexy lingerie shoots!
My wish and advice for women out there is to learn to love their body, appreciate it and rock it the best you can.

P.s- Just because you do not like wearing pretty lingerie, or you think your body is not good ebough or you do not have the courage or skills to share your beautiful images with the world does not mean you have to judge other s or criticize.
Stay beautiful! Xoxo Ekene Patience

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